So you have a website. Are people finding it? does it for fill the customers need, how do you tell?

Web Marketing

So you have your website, in has been index by the search engines, is that? time to site back? No the days of the static websites have long gone. Google have changed the way that websites and web marketing are done.

In fact advertising is changing across the board before if you where watching TV the programe would be interupted with an unrelavanet advert , but now with DVR you just fast forward them. The same with the internet
When some searches they want revavent content and if they don't they click off. Also socail marketing has had a great effect, it's has become word of mouth marketing. People are more like to buy or use a service if it has been recommended by someone they know.

Soical media
Socail marketing has had a great effect, it's has become the internet version of "word of mouth" marketing. People are more like to buy or use a service if it has been recommended by someone they know.You need to build up trust with your market.
Is there a right way to use facebook? So poeple try to use Facebook to be they personal and business socail website, we would recommend sepearting thenm to a personal account and a business account, don't mix your messages.
Youtube has been touted as the next big search enegine, but seems to be the most under used resource by business. i heard a storty that one company director told his staff they needed to be on Youtube "because his granddaughter had ask why they weren't on Youtube." she did have a point, but like every thing you need a plan. Do you have one?
Do you twitt? Twitter is the hot topic at the moment it is growing insanly fast. But i'm sure most of the people don't know why they twitt. How many people on twitter do you see just posting buy this, buy that, do you think this is effective?
Socail book market ocuring to sum has had it's day, but it is still a eefctive form of marketing and shouldn't be discounted yet.
How do you get your message across to your customers? do you have a way to provide releiavnt chaning content, that people can link to? Blogging can be very effective to building brand awareness and driving traffic to your site. This traffice is more likley to conevert as they have built up trust with your brand. A blog is a good place to ask people option, and test out new business idea's.

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