You have a website. but is anyone, Viewing it,and what are they looking at.

What is Lionband

A lot of companies think having a website is all that is needed to be on the internet, but it is just the start. It is simalar to having a pysical shop, if this job is on the highstreet or a busy shopping center you will, get lots of passing trade, but if you shop is in a small side street of a little village you may get no passing trade. roots lye in Romsey, Hampshire, but are currently base in Cadnam

So we need to use web analytices to see who is passing our shop (we keep the shop anagy for the moment), we need to tell if they just browse in the window, enter the shop, look at our stock or if they just walk on by.

Web analytics
There are various Web analytics programes on the market, some are paid and some are free, we recommend you use two, why? because not all website figures are as acurate as they need to be. due to the way the websites are tracked, Someuses a java script and others a tracking pixel.
Web Visits
How many people are visiting your site? Are they the same visitor coming back your website ? How long does each visitor spend on your website and what pages are they looking at?
Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is the term given for a visitor landing on a page of your website and leaving your website from the same page, with out clicking on any other page. You need to reduce your bounce rate.
Traffic Sources
Where are your visitors comeing from, which search engines are providing the best converting traffic. Are your link partners sending you traffic?.
Which keywords are bring the most traffic? which keywords are converting the best? Are there keywords which you have spent time promoting which haven't converted.
Do you analytic ?
Web analytics is a skill, that can take years to master, but by doing a little bit each day can make a large inpact on your ROI, doing nothing won't magicly increase conversions on your website, take action now..

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