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Posted on 17. Aug, 2010 by admin

If you have a general question about SEO, website or web design please email it to us using the email contact from, and we will try and answer it. We will list some of the best questions on this page, along with our answers. But as the SEO and Web design space is such a fast moving space, what we post may become out of date, so keep coming back as we will try and update the question and answers.

Lionband have now introduced it's on support ticketing system. If you have a support question please raise a ticket at XXXXXXXXX and a member of our support staff will contact you.

Question One
Posted on 04. Jan, 2011 by admin

Hello Lionband , just after some advice, I have a website, and don't seem to be listed that well in Google, if I search for my website name, I’m on page one, but if I search by keyword I can't find my website on the first 10 pages (stopped looking after that). How do I improve my positions with in Google? Thanks Tim.

Hello Tim thanks for the question. A lot of people get a website, submit it to Google and sit back and wait for the traffic, which then doesn't come as expected. One of the best places to start is Google Webmaster Tools. Add you site, and then create a site map, there are plenty of websites that will create a sitemap, and we use Now add your sitemap to via Google Webmaster, this allows Google to have a better understanding of how your site is structured, this will help with indexing. Let us know how you get on.

Question Two
Posted on 15. Nov, 2015 by admin

I have a question about keywords, I have read I need long tail keywords, but I don’t understand, what this means, I sell Digital cameras, so have "digital cameras" as my keyword, is this a long tail keyword?

Keywords are the term used to find your site, but if you look at the term digital cameras there are 169,000,000 results, so it will be hard to rank in that lot (but not impossible). So we need to narrow down the amount of results we are competing with. So for example "Nikon D90 digital camera" has 904,000 results and "Nikon D90 digital camera with 18-105 VR Lens and bag" brings 406,000 results. Keywords are a trade off search volume against conversion rates. For example lots of people may search digital camera, but few will convert, they may narrow there search to Nikon D90 digital camera, the search volume is less but more people will convert, and even fewer people will search on Nikon D90 digital camera with 18-105 VR Lens and bag, but this will have the highest conversion rate. Hope this helps.

Question Three
Posted on 23. Sept, 2015 by admin

To rank well in Google i need to get links, should i pay for links?

The answer to this is No, No and No, any thing that gets around the way Google wants you to build links may work now, but once Google find out that can move you pages down the SERP or even throw you out of the index all together. The only way to build links is to do it the natural way, find relevant sites with good content, and then ask for a link exchange. Each link should add value to you visitor. There is no quick way to build links.

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