You run your business. we will manage your website, Your customer experience is improved, your value is increased.

Services form Lionband

Lionband’s aim is for you to make the most out of your website and the internet. This may be a fully managed website of it may be just a consultancy session, with a road map for you to follow.

Each of the service that Lionband has to offer is aimed at certain topics which any business that has a web presents needs to consider. Lionband will only use ethical methods to improve your website, like every thing there are no results quickly schemes that will last. Lionband wants to work with you to build solid foundations for your web presents and then build on it.

Lionband are happy to discuss each service on its own or look at them all in turn, you know what your company needs. You may have a requirement for some of the services now or you may want to discuss future requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
Keywords are the terms that your customers use to find you on the internet, and it is so important to get this right, but are so often overlooked. Keywords are used throughout the other services.
Web design
We can work with your web developer, help you choose a web developer or use our in house team to help you come up with not only an eye catching web design for your users, but also ensure it is search engine friendly.
Web marketing
Some people just create a website and think that is the end of the story, but this is just the start. You need to promote your site and this could come under SEO, but with the increase use of social media and twitter in particular a good web marking plan is needed.
Web analytics
Now you have a web site up and a marketing plan in place, you need to track how the website is performing. At Lionband we will help you track your traffic and the journey users take as they browse your web site.
Email marketing
This is overlooked by many a business, but should be critical, we at Lionband believe you should spend more time on this than SEO. The people on your email list already trust you and are more than four times more like to convert than a new web visitor.
Search Engine Optimization
The goal of Search Engine Optimization is not to get more traffic but more conversions, there is no point in getting 1000’s more visitors if not one converts. At Lionband we can help you with both your on page and off page optimization to achieve more traffic and more conversions.
Some companies may charge you a monthly fee for these services, but ensure you ask what you are getting for this. Don’t be afraid to ask question, about how they are promoting your website, because if they do not follow search engine guide lines they could be doing more harm than good.

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