So you have a website. Can your Customers find it, Can anyone find it?.

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A lot of companies pay for a website and then sit back excepting the business to roll in. Having a website is the first step in getting customers online. If your website can't be found in the search engines when your potential customers are looking for you, they could find your competitors.

Imagine your website is like a physical shop, if your shop is on the main high street (page one of the search engines) you get a lot of passing trade, people coming in of the street.
So if your shop is just off the high street (page two of the search engines) some of the people walking down the high street may see your shop and walk by, some may even walk down to it , but not as much as if you where on the high street.
So if your shop was along way off the high street down a little alley way, (page three or more of the search engines) only your most devoted and loyal customers who already know where you are my come to your store.

Onsite and Offsite SEO
There are two types of SEO, on page SEO and off page SEO. Onsite SEO,each has a clear role to play in getting to the top of the search engines, and a comment question we are aske is should we do onsite SEO or offsite SEo. The answer is do both.
Page URLs
• Only one version of each page exists, eg no product pages in more than one category on an Ecommerce website.
Back links
Do NOT submit a bunch then stop, Google likes to see consistent building of links
Meta data
• META Page titles are all unique, keyword driven, read well and include all key points before 70 characters.
• Images have a title or description very close which also describes the image.
Our Comment
At the moment SEO is here at it looks like it’s here to stay, if manipulating your website to please the search engines is correct, but does it offer the best results to the end user, or is page one of Google full of companies who can afford large SEO budgets? Who knows, but if you don’t do SEO your competitors will.

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