Keywords are commonly over looked. With out them, how can people , find your website.


At Lionband we ask all our clients two questions, 1. are you passionate bout your business, and have you done any research to see if the product willsell on the internet.

Being passionate about your website/productwill come across in the way you write about your product. If you’re passionate about your product you will learn more about it, which can provide your customer with a better buying experience
Do some research a. Competition- is there competition for your product. Yes that’s a good thing as it means there is a market for it. b. How many people are selling it online? Just type your product into Google.
Lets work though an example, so show how we chose our keywords for
so we typed digital cameras in to google
This tells us there is over 69 million pages index by Google for the term Digital Cameras, the smaller the number the less competition.
How to research our Keywords Keywords research- what is a keyword? This is the word or group of words which a person types into a search engine to find a web site. In our example Digital Cameras. So how do we work out what people will search on to find our product? This is one of the most important if not the most important factor. If build a great website if no one can find it, then we have wasted our time. There are 3 searches that customers undertake using our key words. 1. general search in our example “Digital Cameras” 2. after looking at widgets there is the more informed search “Nikon Digital Cameras D90” 3. then there is the buying search “ Nikon Digital Cameras D90 with bag for less than 800” These types of searches will produce the following results. • The first search is too general, it will produce lots of results, but not many conversions. • The second is the search we want to get as our keywords as there are a broad number of searches and the customer is looking to convert. • The third keyword search is too narrow, even though there the conversion rate is at the highest. So now we know what type of keywords we need to be targeting, we need to produce a list of these keywords. There are various tools some free and some which you will have to pay for, but I will use Google’s keyword tool. (It’s Google we want to get to the top of so we must trust there keyword tool.) Use Google keyword tool for your keyword terms I have clicked on local search for November to put the list in order of searches. I now take the top twenty terms as my keywords, so click on down load as .csv Save the file to your desk top then open it in excel. I have taken the keywords from the spreadsheet and put them in a table below and sorted them, and added a comment on there values to me. Keywords digital Good camera Good cameras Good canon digital May be a page digital slr Good / May be a page canon cameras May be a page nikon camera May be a page panasonic camera May be a page nikon cameras May be a page pink camera olympus camera May be a page slr cameras Good canon powershot camera May be a page digital camcorder Good nikon coolpix May be a page digital photography Good panasonic cameras May be a page best camera Good olympus cameras May be a page dslr camera Good The keywords that have a marked as “May be a page” in them I will use in a separate category page. So out of the keywords that are marked as Good, I will try and find a good domain name for my website. I use 1and1 I have put a domain name checking tool on the website . Getting our domain name Using the table above I like the keyword “best camera” and “digital” So lets put them together and see if the domain name bestdigitalcameras is available. On clicking the “check now” this will forward use to 1and1 for the results, but unfortunately the bad news is “” has already been registered. (I have checked the site and it is full of adsence adverts.) So as I like the word best lets use the Thesaurus in word to find some alternatives to “best” so I tried “” and this is available

Our Values
The internet has had a huge impact on business over the last 20 years. Lionband wants to help your company utilise this impact to benefit your company. The return on investment can be great if done correctly. We value the relationship with our customers and will only use ethical methods to promote your business.
Customer Foucsed
Your succesful website is our goal and we will only achive this by being customer foucsed. Listerning to where you are with your web presents and help you get the most out of your website.
Award Winning
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Global Reach
We have clients from around the world. The Internet has made the world smaller and easy to do business across the globe.
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Our Commitment
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