Email marketing. can produce, one of the best ROI, if done correctly.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can provide the best ROI of any form of marketing. So one of the first things you need to do is get people on to your email list. We recommend MailChimp as a email list manager. Once people are on your email list they are more like to convert as they have already shown just in you, by signing up.

Under stand your target market
Provide you target market with the information they want, they have given you there permission to send them email, so don't send them spam.
Subject Line
The subject line of your email is so inportant, first you need a subject line which will pass the spam filters, then the subject line needs to be enticing the recipeant to open it.
Plain Text vs HTML
HTML emails get a better response but can also be blocked by the spam filters, so send your emails in both formats.
You must included a way for people to unsubscribe from your email list.
Test, test and Test can not test to much, be it test different subject lines, sent your emails at different times, but above all test your emails in different email clients to ensure they are displayed as you intened.
Email Marketing do's and don't
Don't send spam, and don't abuse the customers trust.
Do ensure your content adds value to your customers, and remember to test,test,test.

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