Your website is a salesman. who works 24hrs aday, Never has a sick day, and deals with multiply customers.

Website availability

Your website is availaby 24hrs aday 365 days of the year. It give you the ablity to engance with your potentail customers at any time. But you have have the right website, for example when looking to hire a skip one evening i searched for local skip hire companies, when i clicked on the top result, the comapiens website gave be loads of good information aout there service, but if i wanted to book one i had to phone during office hours, so i click on some more results until i found a site where i could book a skip online. The first website had done well in geting there site to the top of the search egnines, but have don't understand how to get the most out of there website. when i was looking to hirer a skip i wanted to do it thereand then not phone back in the morning. So this company had lost be as a customer.

Lessions learnt
So how can you not make the same miskate as the website above. You need to ensure that your website has a purpose, and a clear route to your website goals. But ensure that you have set the goal and explained them to your web designer. You must remember you know how your business works and how your customers interact with your business, not your web designer.

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