Some of the tools we, use to keep, you on top.

Top tools and resources

Here at Lionband we use various tools and products to design and promote your business, the tools are constantly changing, but here are a few of favourites.

Boxedart is more than a tool it is a web designers dream resource, it is backed full of web templates, and stock photos.
This tool is used to promote websites and runs our link manager.
1and1 are our choice to register our domain names.
UK Web Solutions
UK Web Solutions our hosting company, these guys offer various levels of service.
Mail Chimp
Mailchimp is our choice for our email list manager.
Why share the tools we use?
we have been ask, and even criticised for sharing the tools we use, the argument being if we share the tools surely the person could use them and do there website and SEO themselves, Our answer is yes they can. But do they have the time to learn the tools and then can they implement what they have learnt yes? may be?, but that is the same in almost all aspects of life, if your tap leaks you can call a plumber or fix it yourself.

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